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LazRig 6 ~ 8K 360 VR Camera Rig ~ Yi 4k ~ Gitup Git2

LazRig 6


  • 360 VR 8k+ Camera Rig (mount or frame)
  • Compatible with Gitup Git2, Yi 4k, GoPro
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360 VR 4k camera mount made with for 6 action cameras with standard 170 degree lens. The Laz Rig 6 is geometrically designed in a cube shape to hold one of its 6 cameras on each of its sides. Unlike other cheap frames, the Lazrig 6’s design makes sure each camera lens is the absolute dead center of each face of the rig, giving you the best 360 recording, editing, and viewing experience possible. The LazRig6 can be used with action cameras like GoPro 3+/ 4, Yi 4k, Gitup Git2 and any our customers request. We prefer the GitUp Git 2 because of it’s affordability, and its undeniable quality. The LazRig line is made of laser cut acrylic or wood. Our designs are easy to assemble and have Velcro straps to make cam removal easy. Our line is intended to be a resource tool kit for all 360 VR pioneers.


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